Mapget requires internet connection at all times. Offline maps not supported.
Functionality: Displays maps provided by ESRI. Location menu. Location menu appears when user presses and holds a location on the map. Location menu items include: Calculate routes from current location to the specified location. Up to three alternative routes can be calculated using Google services. Mode of transportation and units (miles or kilometers) can be set using the settings menu. System estimates travel times according to average speeds set by the user for each of the transportation modes. Note that average speed factors in time required for waiting at traffic lights; it is not your speed when you actually move. For example in the city average speed can be 34 km/h whereas while moving you drive at 60 km/h.
If you click on one of the route alternatives - navigation begins. In settings you can choose map to rotate following your turns or to keep the map north up. Estimated time of arrival is displayed factoring in your performance since the beginning of the trip. For example you may experience traffic congestion, ETA will be extrapolated. Also diplayed time and distance to the upcoming turn/maneuver. Pressing X cancels navigation, you also can turn voice prompts on and off.
Tools. Distance measuring. You can enter the distance measuring mode by selecting it from the menu. Before entering this mode zoom in or out to display your aea of interest entirely. Now turn distance measuring on. In this mode with your finger follow the route that you want to calculate. Once you take your finger off the screen - distance is displayed with travel time estimates. Travel time estimates are calculated based on average travel speeds specified in the Settings, it considers only distance and average speed and not any spesifics of actual terrain.
Functionality for signed in users. User can sign in to have additional functionality. It includes bookmarks backup to our server.